Works in progress

I realise it’s been sometime since my last post. Don’t fear, the site’s still well and truly active.

I am going through some personal stuff and accommodation issues following the death of a very close friend and housemate.
Although my being is inseparable-from/interwoven-with mathematics and programming, I must take some time to focus on being the best carer I can be at this most critical time.

However, I have been focusing on developing a few more advanced features for the site:

Web Directory

-A web directory for promoting friend’s sites & businesses, user submitted content, and any cool things I stumble across.

-RSS feeds on multiple topics, aggregated from newly published content from all sites in the directory.

AI Networking Hub

-A framework for creating networks where programs can communicate with each other anonymously and asynchronously by forwarding messages through Trogramming

-Environment for automata/ai to collaborate on large projects using the principles of swarm intelligence to create a range of amorphous ecosystems that can outperform the sum of its parts.
-A Pub/Sub for registering your server/process. Find new servers, subscribers, or compatible actors

-A domain specific language/ definite clause grammar for describing communication protocols, to be unambiguously interpreted and followed by either/both machine and human actors, to allow for multiple evolving standards of dialogue without having to program and update them manually.

Online encrypted chat room
This actually already exists. First glance for anyone who read this far. Launching soon!

Here’s the simpler chat room I made first. I plan to make a post or two showing how you can make your own.

In addition to this I’ve been doing a little bit of work for preparing for their grand launch, so that’s been using up a lot of my coding time. However funding from Sphinx Cotton and are what made this site possible again, so I can’t complain.

Plenty of content coming soon. The slower it comes, the higher quality it’s going to be (Assuming I remember to make it readable)

On top of all this I’m trying to continue working on HexCell, my Artificial-Life project

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