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Here’s an ever-growing list of graphics generators hosted on Trogramming.
Make images on the fly; compatible with PC, Mobile phone, and tablet/iPad.

Online L-System Drawer

Create and render self-similar fractals in your browser with the online L-system drawer

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  • Animating a Virtual Idol (Part 1: The Drawings)

    Making the character assets: Each layer of the character is simply a transparent png with a fixed center of rotation (which we can mark later on)All of these layers will be joined to one another and moved in whichever ways we command. -Body The Body will be placed right at the back of the character, […]

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  • Online L-System Drawer

    The L-System, or Lindenmayer system, named after it’s creator, Aristid Lindenmayer.L-systems were introduced in 1968 to describe the behavior of plant cells and model the growth of a variety of organisms. However, L-Systems are an incredibly versatile tool. In no way are they limited to biology; anywhere requiring parallel state changes can be modeled with […]

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  • Drawing With Gravity

    Simulation is a great way to learn new concepts. Whenever I’m confronted with some scary physics equation I can’t follow I usually try to find the equivalent concept in a syntax I know. In the following post I will covering a few loose simulations of Newtonian inspired gravity.It’s not true Newtonian gravity as I was […]

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