Over time I will try to make and host some automated tools and services, I still need to work out a good advertising plan to be able to try and cover overheads so I could host them without having to charge the end user.

In the meantime, for those willing to pay a little I can offer a large array of services, and have a network of capable peers to handle any extra jobs if I’m occupied or the workload requires a team.

Contact me on

Discord: MiguelSanchez#2220, any of the social media links on site, or through the contact form

Web Development

As a Full-stack web-dev, I can easily get your entire site online giving you the exact amount of oversight and involvement you request.

Simple sites for Small Businesses starting from as low as $200USD:
Typically simple business sites are 1-4 main basic pages of text/image content (e.g. Home, About Us, Testimonials/Portfolio/Previous Jobs/), a booking form, and a contact form with anti-spam measures as complex as you desire (too much may discourage customers, too little and you’ll have spam).
All of my sites come with integrated analytics, with google by default but you may opt for any alternative.

Custom Web Services:

I can happily make any custom functionality you require, whether it be onsite widgets, order/booking software, if you can imagine it either me or my team will be able to provide.

Front-End Services
CSS Graphic design:

Tailored and customisable, site layouts, logos, banners, ads, animations, and more.
User Experience/User Interface

Get help planning and designing a site around user psychology, don’t let your site do your business a disservice, modern and dynamic sites can be made tailored to your vision, but if you’re unsure how your site should look, feel and operate, you can sit back and have faith you’re in good hands.

Custom Web Coding

Touchups or work from scratch in PHP, HTML/CSS, JS, MySQL, or via the CGI-BIN almost any language you could imagine.

Back-End Services
-Lamp Server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
-Content Management Services (WordPress or Custom Made)
Forum Software, installation, configuration,custom themes and features.

Custom hosting solution

Custom hosting solutions
Hands off or hands on, get as technical as you want or not at all.
-Extremely competitive pricing for shared hosting
-Help setting up your own virtual private server, scalable as needed.

Python Services

Custom Language Design
Custom Domain Specific Languages
-Markup Languages
-Definite Clause Grammars
-Custom Interpreters, Tokenisers, Evaluators
-Entire Languages Ground Up!

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