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I’m hoping to start a new content series where I slowly read math-heavy non-fiction books and try to port them into programming languages as I go along.

Usually I’d say it will be in Python, though if the situation calls for it I will use whichever language I believe is ideal for the task.

Eventually I hope to come across a book that warrants it’s own domain specific language to work through it, but for now I’ll try to stick to languages that already exist.

First I’m going to try to finally understand all of my optics text, and then maybe I’ll try to read a book on radio astronomy, but more likely I’ll work through one of my many fluid dynamics books.

Reading List

Books Commenced

TitleAuthorTopicsDate StartedCode links
OpticsF.G.SMITH & J.H.THOMSONOptics18/05/2022
Books I’ve began reading, and their corresponding posts

Future Reads

Theromodynamics: an Engineering ApproachYunus A Cengel & Michael A Boles
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