Philosophy of Mathematics

  • Is Science Mind-Independent?

    I recently engaged in an argument on social media. This isn’t anything rare or profound, most of my arguments happen on social media. What was rare and profound was the fact that this conversation offered a natural segue in the ontology of numbers; for once I didn’t have to force it. Someone made the seemingly […]

  • On the undecidability of mortality.

    If you have a background in predicate logic or computer programming you’ve probably heard the phrase “All men are mortal, Socrates is a man. Therefore Socrates is mortal”. We’ll come back to this phrase because I take offense with every single claim it makes. It 1936 it was proven by Alan Turing that there is […]

  • Is Pi wrong? A case for π/2

    I frequently see the pi-centrism of mathematics challenged by Tau advocates.For those unfamiliar to the argument, we’re told that radians are superior unit of angle/rotation, most peoples first introduction to pi is calculating the circumference and area of a circle. Area=πr2Circumference= 2πr We have one count of pi, and one count of tau so either […]

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