Year: 2022

Tro reads __ series

Introduction: I’m hoping to start a new content series where I slowly read math-heavy non-fiction books and try to port them into programming languages as I go along. Usually I’d say it will be in Python, though if the situation calls for it I will use whichever language I believe is ideal for the task. […]

Works in progress

I realise it’s been sometime since my last post. Don’t fear, the site’s still well and truly active. I am going through some personal stuff and accommodation issues following the death of a very close friend and housemate.Although my being is inseparable-from/interwoven-with mathematics and programming, I must take some time to focus on being the […]

Online L-System Drawer
Online L-System Drawer

The L-System, or Lindenmayer system, named after it’s creator, Aristid Lindenmayer.L-systems were introduced in 1968 to describe the behavior of plant cells and model the growth of a variety of organisms. However, L-Systems are an incredibly versatile tool. In no way are they limited to biology; anywhere requiring parallel state changes can be modeled with […]

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