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Macro Editor: Hotbar-Oriented Editor

Write code from templates with the push of a button I have this system I like to use in Emacs for categorising and visualising custom hotkeys, when pressed these hotkeys run a corresponding macro, and inserts the expanded data into the current/last selected point in the editor. This is my attempt to implement a similar […]

Macro Editor: Hotbar-Oriented Editor
I Stole My Friend’s Face

Intro I extracted my mate’s (approximately 60×60 pixel) face from a Facebook picture, and overlaid it onto a depth-map for a similarly shaped face, then used a custom python script to create a 3d wavefront model of his face, and an accompanying .mtl file for the texture. I will create a post soon properly dissecting […]

Python Packing Streams of Arbitrary Length

When starting out with IO and learning to efficiently read and write binary structures to and from Python most people will confront the problem of packing a string or list into a structure. Variations of this question plague Stack Overflow, here are two quick examples:, I have a rather simple solution I decided to […]

Tro reads __ series

Introduction: I’m hoping to start a new content series where I slowly read math-heavy non-fiction books and try to port them into programming languages as I go along. Usually I’d say it will be in Python, though if the situation calls for it I will use whichever language I believe is ideal for the task. […]

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