It doesn’t seem necessary at the moment which such little content but eventually I’ll make this page a little more complex, try to categorise my 3d assets and give people the ability to search by tag.


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  • I Stole My Friend’s Face

    Intro I extracted my mate’s (approximately 60×60 pixel) face from a Facebook picture, and overlaid it onto a depth-map for a similarly shaped face, then used a custom python script to create a 3d wavefront model of his face, and an accompanying .mtl file for the texture. I will create a post soon properly dissecting…

  • Python Model Sword Maker

    Python Model Sword Maker

    Make a variety of sword, knives, hammer/axes, polearms, and much more with only a few lines code. The code is split into 3 libraries:Mesh.py: Tools for processing triangle meshes. The triangle mesh is a list of triangles composed of 3 vertices, each with a corresponding colour (RGB from 0 to 1). Currently the library only…

  • R5RS Scheme Wavefront .obj (3d Files)

    R5RS Scheme Wavefront .obj (3d Files)

    This library will allow for the easy creation of 3d Wavefront .Obj Files https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wavefront_.obj_file in Scheme. I’ve made sure the code is R5RS compliant, tested under Dr-Racket but I’m pretty sure it should work in MIT-scheme and probably many other dialects.

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