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Lorentz Factors

Adopted by Poincaré and Einstein in 1905 the Lorentz factor is a measure of how much measurements of time, length, and related properties change while matter/observer is moving. It measures the difference in time-space scales measured from two frames of reference (moving and rest) at relativistic speeds.
We can calculate this factor as such: γ=1/sqrt(1-v^2/c^2)
where v is the velocity of fast moving matter and c is the speed of light expressed in the same unit.

How much does time-dilate/space-contract at this velocity?

Traveling at _% The Speed of light would cause a Lorentz factor of _. The Journey to Alpha Centuri would take years, however you would only age _ years.

How fast do I need to go to achieve a certain Lorentz Factor

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