I release music under a few Soundcloud accounts, one for my personal tracks and snippets under the name Lysergiphile.
My personal account is mostly unfinished tracks i decided to upload once I reached a point where I didn’t intend to progress any further.

Rather than writing to create a complete song, most of these tracks were written to practice some form of theory or just to experiment with some concept.

My Personal SoundCloud Page

My other SoundCloud, Easy Electric Funky Fusion Engine, is a concept piece, where I want to build an entire album of downtempo chillout accompaniments, each incorporating techniques and styles from different genres, to be eventually woven together into a single mix.

Once an album of accompaniments exists it’s my plan to find different artists to contribute the lead instrumental and/or vocals to each track so the end piece is a Various Artists compilation spanning multiple genres but with the accompaniment serving as a consistent thread across tracks.

Most of these tracks are very minimal, as I’m more focused with working out the structure than committing to any specific instruments or melodies, at least for the first phase.




Online Audio Tools


Check back soon. I’ve got to port everything to JS

-Sequencing/Song Writing

Check back soon. I’ve got to port everything to JS

  • .Au Audio files with python

    The Sun Microsystems .au not the ones from Audacity. I believe it’s a great place to start learning about structs, how to pack/unpack, and how to work with file headers.

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  • Play Along

    Play Along is a very simple python tool for helping synchronise jam band performances. The bottom left, shows the current bar (root note and scale) while the bottom-right shows the next bar to give some warning of what to play next.

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